Food meatballs made from a mixture of beef, spices, and tapioca flour. The manufacturing process by way of finely ground form a dough. The dough is then printed and inserted into the round warm water approximately 70 degrees Celsius. After the dough is floating above the water, removed and drained. so the
meat balls, which is known by the name of Meatball. Usually sold meatballs using wheelbarrow and tent stalls. Meatballs to be excellent, many families of our community like this food, you could say the meatballs into people's food, preferably all classes, both rich people and less capable.
Uniquely nationality Meatball becomes food for the teenagers who are dating, considering the relatively affordable price, so the events Saturday night could treat his girlfriend right, with a budget that is not great.
Actually, anyone involved in making these meatballs?
First Merchants baksonya course, then Ranch Beef, Meat Seller, Mill Tapioca Flour, Sago Flour Factory, Factory MSG, food additives factory for meatballs, Factory Sauce, Ketchup Factory, Noodle Factory and noodles, Milling Meat, meatballs equipment Sellers, Garlic Farmers, Farmers Shallot, Vegetables Farmers mustard, and many more ......
if you count, approximately how much labor is involved just to make the meat balls are ya? I try to push the first calculator, a lot .... hehe
This is not an employment potential of extraordinary?
But for those of you who want to do business meatballs, there are some things ought to be observed before doing business meatballs. Are you ready to face these three things?

1. Competition in the culinary sector increasingly stringent, can be seen from the invasion of foreign foods like, chicken and burgers from the land of uncle sam, pizza, steak, kebabs, with a franchise system. These foods enrich people's choice today, let alone supported by its presence in major malls, complete facilities, ac cold, and at the same time a family can relax. Although there are one or two employers who can hire the place meatballs in the mall that high prices, but for most sellers is the pitchman meatballs and tent stalls that certainly can not afford to hire an expensive place.
2. Borax and Formalin cases involving a handful of traders meatballs, but resulted in the entire manufacturing chain meatballs almost fell down, compounded by the issue of making meatballs mice that had crowded in exposure in the media. Seller meatballs are minimal once we get the extension from the government through relevant agencies such as the BPOM. So you should be able to fight to restore the tainted image of meatballs.
3. The low purchasing power of our society, mainly from lower middle class. They now do not have excess funds just for a bowl of meatballs.
When you are ready with the three things above, then you are really desperate would-be entrepreneurs that .... hehe Our domestic market is potentially enormous market. Especially with the free promotion from president Obama who likes meatballs, the international community began to recognize the meatballs. In the era of free trade, we should be ready to welcome the competition with culinary entrepreneurs from abroad. Need awareness to improve the quality of human resources from industry players making meatballs. The role of the government through relevant ministries such as the BPOM is needed, to give more information to small industries making meatballs. The bottom line of small industries were given counseling to be able to make the meatballs into the food GOOD AND HEALTHY. Meatballs are delicious and healthy, are expected to compete with other foods. But the most important of all, necessary properties of resilient, smart, never give up from you to succeed in business these meatballs. 



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