In the past I have discussed how to make meatballs meat content of 85%, this time I will share tips on making simple meatball soup, as usual we prepared the scales and notes for each of our experiments. Prepare the following materials:

1. 10 liters of water, put in a saucepan.
2. 100 grams of fresh garlic.
3. Leaves Loncang (red onion) 2 pieces and tied.
4. 1 gram black pepper or to taste.
5. Ginger 1 small clove and crushed.
6. Salt to taste
7. Knee bone cow
8. Pieces of beef ribs.
9. Fried shallots.
10. Celery leaves chopped
11. Rice noodles that have been submerged in boiling water and drained.

The next step,

  1. Heat water in a saucepan
  2. While waiting for water to boil, mashed garlic, and saute. wait a fragrant garlic and remove from heat.
  3. Once the water in a saucepan of boiling, put the onions had been sauteed in water that has been boiling it.
  4. Next beef knee bones, beef ribs, loncang leaf, pepper, salt and ginger first bit inserted in the boiling water.
  5. Let the water and seasoning to boil, wait until the broth in the knee bone is fused with other spices. Observe the meat attached to the ribs, when it is soft, it means enough to cook it.
  6. Flavoring (optional) to taste. also not okay, because if we use cow knee bone, savory taste is actually already there.
  7. Taste the gravy, if less salty add more salt until the fit. Up here the manufacture of Kuah is complete.
  8. If you want to serve the meatballs, take the meatballs and simmer in sauce until meatballs fluffy maximum wait.
  9. Put the rice noodles, meatballs, some beef ribs, and sauce in the bowl, sprinkle with fried onions and celery.
  10. Meatball is ready we serve.
when boiling the bones, water will automatically be reduced, this is not what was important addition of a little salt though not salinity.
oh, I'm so hungry, want to eat meatballs. Ok, just past the tips ..
hopefully useful



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